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We need quality content for our social media... And who better to get that from than everyone who has bought and played the game.
Why don't we pay a media company to do it?
We could, but then it's not authentic. We want to show people having fun that have actually bought the game and using it in real life situations.
What's in it for you?
Cold hard cash... Well, a bank transfer. For every video you send in that we use, we will pay you £25/€30/$30 (depending on where you are based). That is the cost of the game. So, if you send your video in, and we use it, you are getting the game for free (and even making money if you used a discount code from our website).
How do you send it in?
You can drop us an email to info@dropshot-game.com or follow us on Facebook (@dropshotgame), Twitter (@dropshotgame) or Instagram (@dropshotthegame) where you can send videos directly to us.
What sort of videos are we looking for?
We want videos of you playing the game. We want to see multiple people having a go, and then the drop, the drinking... Or the failing!
We may splice up the video ourselves, but the longer the better, meaning we will have more chance of using it.
** By submitting a video, you grant Drop Shot The Game the license in exchange for the agreed fee, to distribute that video as they please. They can use the video multiple times on multiple platforms for the one fee **