Drop Shot The Game


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How did the idea for Drop Shot The Game come about?
The idea came when two friends wanted a drinking game that combined suspense, fun and of course, alcohol, all in one. Looking around the drinking game industry, there'd been nothing like this before, and from that idea, Drop Shot The Game was born.
How long did it take to get the idea into fruition?
Longer than you'd imagine. The idea first came about in 2016, and several versions later, ensuring that the mechanism worked, could handle the weight of the bottle and drink, changes to the shape, colours, logo, box design, funnel, mouth pieces and much more, and in 2018, the idea turned to reality.
Who are Ringlet Limited?
Ringlet Limited is the company that has invented and owns the trademarks to Drop Shot The Game. There'll be a lot more to come from Ringlet Limited in the future.
The future?
Unless you're the Simpsons writer, who seems to predict everything, the future is unknown. What we do know is that we will be doing everything we can to make pre-drinks much more fun.
Where can I find more out about Drop Shot The Game?
You can drop us an email to info@dropshot-game.com or follow us on Facebook (@dropshotgame), Twitter (@dropshotgame) or Instagram (@dropshotthegame)